Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Rogue Asparagus

Earlier this year, in a fit of uneducated and ill advised enthusiasm,  I planted 6 asparagus roots. Cue at this point, months of deluge during which the shady corner of the garden where I had put them turned into a mini pond. I had completely given up on them, assuming that they'd rotted in the ground and that part of the garden had been re-purposed from veg to general planting.

Amongst this planting I had spotted a sort of wispy, ferny growth which I hadn't really investigated and had left there simply because it looked quite pretty. I had vaguely thought that it might be something to do with the potted fennel plant that was sited nearby as they had the same sort of fine, feathery foliage. (accidental alliteration anyone?).

Imagine my surprise when watching last nights Gardeners' World to see Monty talking about cutting back and mulching this self same plant, and identifying it as asparagus! Yet another example of the truly incredible resilience of plants, and their amazing will to stay alive. Fingers crossed that it will survive and, in a couple years, possibly even supply us with some of my favourite veg.