Thursday, 4 July 2013

Garden Log - June 2013

Late again. Sorry and all that...

The garden has been looking brilliant this month. Lots of stuff flowering like mad, and loads of green growth making the beds look pleasantly full.

This Heuchera "Ruby Bells" has been flowering for weeks now and the violets haven't stopped since I bought them last year!

The anemones were some of the best performers last year, and the new batch that I've put in isn't disappointing this year either.

This ladybird poppy has also been gorgeous, although I have had to re-stake it when it fell over under its own weight after some fairly heavy rain. Beautifully set off by the white foxgloves behind it.

Unfortunately I failed to get a picture of this geum before the rain flattened it too. It still looks good, but before it looked like yellow flowers floating amongst the other plants. I've just put in a couple of geum "Mrs. Bradshaw, so hopefully we'll have the same soon in red.

The new bed and the wheelbarrow are filling out nicely. It's hard to believe how fast those cosmos have grown.

The climbing rose on the arch is starting to flower. It's the first time I've seen it - lovely single white flowers. I shall endeavour to get a picture for next month.

I thought Snapdragons were annuals?

The French lavender that was rescued from B&Q is flowering nicely.


Verbena bonariensis seedlings. Taking their sweet time, but getting there!

Foxgloves. I love the spots inside these ones.

The alpines still blazing away.

You'll have to excuse me now. The head gardener wants the camera.

Thanks to Helen, The Patient Gardener for hosting these monthly updates!