Friday, 2 August 2013

Garden Log - July 2013

Since we've come home from our little jaunt into the middle nowhere there hasn't been a single dry day. Not really complaining as A) we had lovely weather while we were away, and B) the garden REALLY needed it. The upshot of this has been that getting some non-soggy shots for this monthly update has had to wait a few days. That's this months excuse anyway.

I've decided to try and take part in Susannah Conway's August Break this month. The point of it, in brief, is that you don't write anything for the month, but post a picture or two a day instead. Now, as anyone who is foolish enough to follow this blog may know, I struggle to post more than a couple of times a month anyway, so not much to take a break from. Instead I'm using it as some form of vague motivation to post more pictures. I'll try and keep them topical, but I may branch out and follow her suggested prompts. Just for a lark...

Anyhoo, without further ado, have some pictures from July to get things started.

Loads of colour this month

The last of the strawberries. Must plant some with different cropping times.

Another Dahlia

A ranunculus 


Gorgeous pink poppy.
My barrow overfloweth. With Cosmos. This one got seriously crispy while we were away, but seems to have come back nicely after a good drink.
I'll be linking to this on Helen Johnstone's Patient Gardener blog again as part of her end of month meme. Thanks again Helen!

As I've said, more pictures to come this month. Enjoy.

The August Break 2013