Sunday, 13 October 2013

Garden Log - September 2013

Once again I stand guilt of blog neglect. It's amazing how quickly life passes by if you let it, and there's been a fair amount going on of late to keep me busy!

The garden has a definite feel of winding down at the moment, but at the same time I'm still getting the last bursts of fruitfulness. Tomatoes are ripening, courgettes are still appearing, and some of my cosmos and sunflowers are only just flowering.

There's lots to be done. I'm hoping to get an afternoon soon where I can get on with rearranging and replanting the front garden as I have verbena bonariensis and gypsophilia sitting waiting to go in, and the festuca to take out (it keeps swamping everything else), and I really need to man up and get stuck into the large pile of bulbs that I've been guiltily avoiding.

There are roses to be pruned, and box to be clipped, and I really should give the lawn it's last mow. There needs to be more hours in the day! The garden is still looking great, but is never seem to find the time to go out there and appreciate it at the moment. I think what I probably need is to do some garden visits to reinvigorate the old enthusiasm...



Some might remember me talking about planting up an old wheelbarrow this year. Whilst that's been an interesting experiment, I'll be removing it for next as it's had several problems. The main one is that it sits at the back of the bed it's in, so needs bigger plants to show themselves above the front stuff, but the barrow isn't really deep enough, so the plants are drying out very quickly and aren't able to put roots down deep enough to properly anchor themselves. Horizontal cosmos are interesting, but are doing a pretty irritating job of hiding the stuff in front of them!

The is a barrow under there, honestly!


Apparently it's about to start getting very cold around here, so I'll have to start moving things like the dahlias under shelter and gathering in the terracotta. Jobs, jobs and more jobs...