Thursday, 18 April 2013

Garden Log - April 2013

The peony seems to be growing as I watch!
Spring is, thankfully, finally springing and things are growing astonishingly fast. The evenings are getting light enough for me to get outside after That Baby is a-bed and the soil has warmed to the point where I feel happy planting and sowing directly. There's still a fair old bit of catch-up to be played, but that's all good!

So without further ado, here is this months photo log. Enjoy.

An unknown rose is making its ascent.

Violets with some driftwood that I scavenged.

Primulas flowering. Slightly miffed as I bought them believing that they were primula vulgaris, but they're very pretty anyway.

FINALLY finished the compost bin!

Lots of stuff sprouting in the coldframe.

The honeysuckle is starting its yearly bid to take over the world!

Finally, this lovely hellebore that's still flowering its head off.

I don't normally feel the need to inflict my musical tastes on you good people, but I felt that this was a rather appropriate way of finishing up...

Spring, by Rammstein. I doubt they're actually singing about the season, and my German is practically nonexistent so I can't confirm, but if the title fits...