Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Spot of Sun

A hive of busy busy
Yesterday I thought spring had sprung. We had a lovely warm afternoon that was actually sunny enough to be working outside in a T-shirt. I got loads done - Lots of potting on of seedlings and putting in some summer bulbs, with a smattering of weeding and trellis building to keep things interesting.

Better late than never

Seedlings - Nicotiana and agapanthus

The Birdies, taking some air.
Unfortunately, it was all a pesky trick played by the weather controllers. It's snowing again today. Bah.

In other news, I bought a large trolley full of bargainous plants from the B&Q doomed plants shelf yesterday. I got six big lavenders, 5 curry plants, 2 heucheras and a date palm. Quite what the hell I'm going to do with a date palm I'm not sure, but for 10p I couldn't resist... Any tips on rejuvinating some slightly tired looking lavender? I'm thinking a fairly hard prune should do it.