Monday, 11 March 2013

The Whitby Jaunt, Part Two

Part one of this thrilling tale can be found here.

So, day two. The main event of the trip - my thirtieth! I've got fairly mixed feelings on this, but I think on the whole I'm happy enough.

It's been a good day. All very laid back. We got up and had a very fine breakfast of local meat and cheese with fresh bread, then a full Yorkshire breakfast, followed by pastries. All washed down with plenty of coffee and fresh orange juice. Once we felt capable of standing again we went for a waddle around the hotel's lovely gardens. The gardens themselves aren't very mature, and there's not much around at this time of year anyway, especially this close to the coast. There are plenty of box edged beds with paths running through them, as well as a large lawn and a patio seating area outside the restaurant. It looks like it will be stunning in the summer. It was very pretty at this time of year, but rather chilly!

I was particularly keen on the wicker statues that are dotted around. There was a trio of hares, a fairy (lurking outside of the swimming pool window) and a dog that we spotted. There may be more...
Once we'd warmed up a bit, we decided that we should go and have a look at the hotel's 'spa' area. I spent an hour having a swim, a steaming in the Turkish baths, and then a pummelling in the jacuzzi. All very sophisticated, and very relaxing. I could get used to that as part of my daily routine...

We had intended to spend the day poking around the shops in Robin Hood's Bay. We got ourselves ready and drove the few miles over there, and then had a minor argument with a parking ticket machine. Once this was settled we wandered down into town aaannnd... discovered it to be closed. Very very closed. As in, nothing open but the local grocery shop and one pub. Having been parted with the neck end of twenty quid in the pub for two pints of bad beer and two of the worst sandwiches we've ever been served, we decided to cut our losses and head back to Whitby.

Once we got back to the hotel we decided that the best plan of action was to change, have a swift pint in the bar, and then out again. Having clearly not learned our lesson yesterday we decided to walk. Not quite as bad this time, but still seriously cold. We got into the town just as a BIG blizzard hit. We took shelter in the Moon and Sixpence, a very nice bar/restaurant that we actually ate in the first time we came here a few years ago. The food and drinks were all excellent. I had lobster.
From there it was back out into the cold cold snow, a taxi, and into the hotel bar were we are currently snugly ensconced.

Tomorrow we head back to reality. For now have a picture of us in a snow storm.