Thursday, 28 March 2013

Garden Log - March 2013

Not much to see here! Like everyone else I'm suffering from non-appearing plants due to the ridiculously cold weather. It's all getting very tedious, and I'm sure everyone could do with a little bit of the old sunlight and warmth... Anyhoo, for what it's worth, here's this month collection of incredibly exciting garden pictures.

Stuff Sprouting. Slowly.

My snazzy new coldframe.

With Stuff in it!

A new trellis arch to replace the one that got flattened by the wind in autumn.

Hellebores. Pretty much the only thing flowering at the moment...

A massive fatsia that I've scrounged off my sister. Needs repotting, but really makes things look much less bare!

There we go. Lots of pictures of soil with the occasional green smudge. Now if we could PLEASE PLEASE HAVE SOME SUN, PLEASE! That would make me very happy.