Friday, 18 May 2012

Making it up as I go along

Yet another gardening blog. Indeed.

I'd decided that I should start keeping a record of my horticultural successes and failures, and notes of things 'to do next time'. As a fan of the great sport of filling the Internet up with meaningless drivel, I thought I'd do it in blog form. I've done blogs before on techie stuff, but working in that field full time and, frankly, becoming increasingly fed up and disillusioned with it, I can't seem to summon the enthusiasm to keep that going. Maybe I'll go back to it at some point, maybe not. We shall see. I'm very easily distracted...

I'm a new gardener. Despite my mother and two of my grandparents being very keen gardeners, I've not had a great deal of interest in it for some time. I was interested when I was younger, and in my mid to late teens I was involved in a nature conservation group. It's one of those things that I thoroughly enjoyed, but somehow allowed to fade away, without even realising. With moving to the first house we've had with a garden, and the birth of our first child somewhat changing my leisure time priorities, I'm starting to rediscover the enjoyment I got from being outside and working with my hands. Maybe the above-mentioned love-loss with computers has also played a part (he says whilst sitting typing away). I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm picking it up as I go, and very much enjoying the process.

So, this will be diary, log of garden progress, notebook, and photo feed. Someone might even read it!