Friday, 25 May 2012

Stewart Park, Middlesbrough

Stewart Park is one my regular lunchtime haunts. It has been looking a bit sorry for itself until recently when the council have been doing a refurbishment. Lots of newly laid paths and some refreshed lakes have gone in , and recently the new planting has started. It's going look very nice once things are established, provided the local intelligencia manage not to destroy it...

This rose garden with box hedging is going to be gorgeous once things get going:

There was a newly planted bed of perennials as well which was lovely with aliums and ferns, but one one of the afore mentioned intelligencia was sitting behind it drinking cans of Skol while I was photographing...

This is one of the more established sections, which I think is lovely with tulips and the rhododendron blooming together

There's also a very nice, newly planted shaded bed with hellebores and euphoribias, amongst other things. I'm looking forward to seeing it all next year and will update as things establish themselves.