Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Not at Chelsea

Shocking announcement for a horticultural blog - I'm not at Chelsea. It looks lovely, and I wouldn't mind going, but right now I'm not there. Rebel that I am. I have to make do with trying to enjoy it via iPlayer, despite Titchmarsh. Congratulations to the gold medalists. I was particularly taken with Cleve West's garden which very much deserved to win Best in Show, and I also liked the gardens by Joe Swift, Ishihara Kazuyuki, Thomas Hoblyn, Peter Dowle, Jihae Hwang and Tracy Foster.

This evening I've potted out the last of my pepper plants. Hopefully I'll be able to get them and my tomatoes outside soon. The Delphiniums and Aquilegias are looking lovely with this bout of gorgeous weather, and the Hostas are starting to emerge along with the seedlings of the "bee and butterfly mix" I scattered in the shade border. So too are the weeds. Did a mass weeding over the weekend and it needs doing again already. How dare it.