Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Anemones and Relaxation

I can't stop taking pictures of these things. They're beautiful I and I love them!

I had a fantastic day in the garden yesterday. It was mostly just spent enjoying it, on a rug on the grass with my son. It's been one of the first chances I've had to just appreciate having somewhere to relax like that. The day consisted of playing with him when he was awake, and reading when he was snoozing. Very pleasant. Once bedtime came around and he was safely tucked in I was a bit more productive - Lawns mown, edges clipped and bi-weekly plant feeding done.
Gardening is on of those strange pastimes where there's always something to be done, but you don't mind getting on and doing it. I've just been looking at some older photos and I can't believe how much it's changed over a few months, so the effort is obviously worth it. My wife and I were just saying a couple of days ago that we couldn't now imagine moving anywhere without a garden. What a change it makes!

The Birdies "helping"

I've just realised that I've taken shockingly few pictures of the beautiful Aquilegias I have flowering at the moment. Must rectify that today!