Saturday, 9 June 2012

Woodland Paths

Stewart's Park, Middlesbrough

On another of my lunchtime wanders recently, I discovered several paths through the woodland sections of Stewart's Park that I had not previously noticed. These make for a very relaxing, softly lit walk between the Ash and Birch (I think - I'm not too good at tree identification yet), lined with a froth of green woodland plants. Lots of Cow Parsley, Buttercups, a random single Aquilegia, and what I think is Gentian (I'm open to corrections on that one - it's the pink flower in the photos). All very pretty and tranquil. I just wish I'd been wearing wellies so that I could have explored it fully.

This was in one of the herbaceous beds rather than the woods, but I hadn't spotted it before yesterday,  so I thought I'd include it.